Monday, May 22, 2006

Bang Bang!

My 16 month old niece is fast becoming a violent little terror. Today she pointed her finger at me and said "bang, bang" We (the family) made the mistake of laughing in shock and now she won't stop doing it. Everytime we try to tell her something she points her finger and says "bang, bang" or my personal favorite, "stab, stab" complete with stabbing motion.

Now I will admit that the stabbing thing is my fault. The other day she had a pin poking at her mother and I said "don't stab mommy." She kind of took it and ran. She started running around making a stabbing motion and going "stab, stab." Now she seems to do it when we make her mad or just for kicks. My sister says she does it because we react and we should just ignore her. But it's so hard! She's soooo cute and it's really rather funny. This is what comes watching violent t.v. shows and movies while pregnant. It's going to be classical music and family friendly programming all the way for me.

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