Wednesday, June 14, 2006

News, News, and More News

Lots of news going on in my family. Naturally, none of it is mine. Something really must be done about my lack of a life. Although, it my defense, I am in a new city and I haven't really met anyone yet. How much of a life could I have? Anyway, on to the news..........
I finally have a job!!! Okay, it's a crappy temp position but it pays well. Most importantly, it means that I am no longer spending all of my free time on Craigslist and the News and Observer website. Yay! I have so missed collecting a paycheck. An added bonus is that I am now motivated to restart my Mary Kay business. Yes, I am a Mary Kay lady. Don't hate. I will keep you posted. I'm hoping all goes well. I know my friend/MK mentor is thrilled for me and doing all she can to help out.
My uncle (the one if VA) is engaged.
My cousin (the aforementioned uncle's son) is also engaged. They proposed on the same day. Isn't that cute?
Both rings are gorgeous.
My big sister just got a promotion at her job. Yay! She's a fabulous graphic designer.
Austin (the dog) is finally becoming house-broken and just in time. We're getting a malti-poo named Lily next Friday.

That's all for now.
Later Babies!

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