Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The ants go marching

Yesterday, at the request of Big M, we cleaned out the car. Should have been simple but it wasn't. I took Little M's car seat out and set it on the ground, where I left it for an hour in all of it's crumb filled glory. I meant to vacuum it out along with the car but there was a bee incident and I never got around to it. Just in case you can't imagine what happened, let me share. I put the seat back in the car without looking at it, then I put the child in the seat so we could pick her mother up from work. We drove all the way to RTP (30 mins away), picked up her mom and headed to her doctor appointment. It wasn't until halfway there that my sister noticed that there were ANTS all over the car seat, and they had migrated to the floor and other areas of the van. Just TONS of little black ants. I'm like totally freaking out. I'm like, are they on the baby? She had to be stripped down and examined. We had to make sure they weren't in her diaper or anything. It was awful. Then we went to Harris Teeter to get a can of bug spray. Everything had to be taken out of the car, shaken out, and sprayed down. When we got home the car seat cover and some other baby items (including the diaper bag) had to be washed. My sister's all like, "duh, you can't put the car seat on the ground. It has food on it, the ants will converge." Why, why, why didn't I think of that? Clearly, I am horribly negligent and totally unfit to be a parent. I'm just glad Little M wasn't hurt or traumatized.

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Muslim Apple said...

Sometimes it happens to the best of us as well.