Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Ants Go Marching....Part Deux

They're baaaack.

Okay, the ants not only migrated to other areas of the van.............they've also migrated into the house! Why is God punishing me?

Yesterday afternoon, Big M calls me into the kitchen to tell me there are ants on the counter. I'm thinking she's seen one ant and is being dramatic. Um......not so much. I get in there and there's like six ants on the counter. Okay, I can handle this. No. We look up and ants are SWARMING all over the cabinet and side of the microwave. We both screamed "Oh, my God!" Then I open the cabinet to see if there in there. And, of course, they are. All over the spices and everything else. Just nasty. I almost threw up. And that is not something that I do. We not only had to clean out the spice cabinet (and throw away tons of food), but the little buggers had migrated to most of the other cabinets as well. The only ones the weren't interested in were the dish cabinets. After everything was washed, the entire kitchen had to be sprayed down with Raid. Apparently, Big Sis brought something in from the van, left it on the counter, and a few ants turned into an obscene amount. I'm sooooooo done.


UmmAbdur-Rahmaan said...

assalaamu alaikum, I will trade you..ants for mice....Its a good deal...they just poop alot...

Muslim Apple said...

Make dua, clean up everything, and call Orkin.