Monday, May 28, 2007

Tag! You're It!

I've been tagged by Ruby to list my five favorite places to eat. Here goes nothing.

1. Cheesecake Factory. I absolutely love this place. They've got great food, ambiance, and they're really good with large groups. Also, they're one of the few places where I still like something on the desert menu.
2. Chipotle. Good food fast. Need I say more? Pretty much the only Mexican place I really like. I was so excited when I moved to NC and one opened a few weeks later. Really, y'all can't imagine my joy.
3. IHOP. Oh, the memories. This is my family's gathering place. We've done a lot of meeting up and catching up at IHOP. This weekend, the morning after my cousin's wedding, we all met there for breakfast. Everyone almost always gets the same thing but it doesn’t' matter. We're really not there for the food.
4. Olive Garden. Love this place, always have. I used to beg my parents to go to the Olive Garden. I like the music and I love the food. However, I will admit to some bitterness over them taking chocolate lasagna off of the menu. It was my all time favorite dessert anywhere.
5. Food Corner Kabob. OMG, they know me and my (immediate) family here. I've been eating there for as long as I can remember and every time I'm in VA I have to stop there. They have the best kabobs anywhere. You can't beat the food or the service. They give you so much food that most people (me included) have to save half for later. It's small and family owned, which is what makes it special.

Mmm, yummy. Alright, y'all. I want to hear from Haleem, Twenny-Two, Atifa, Sarah, and AKA. Thanks, y'all!


muslimahlocs said...

asa. i am with you on #1 and #2. after that, we part ways. oh well, it's good to have choices that meet all of our needs.

Atifa said...

Olive Garden-I was going to protest them taking the chocolate lasagna of the menu, then I lost motivation. I loved that stuff.

IHOP-What's with this place and MSA/Muslim hook up? I'll never understand the connection.

Haleem said...


rubytuesdays said...

OMG do I ever miss Cheesecake Factory, Chipotle's, and the Olive Garden. I used to love IHOP till my last trip to Buffalo...FCK sounds great!

AKA said...

You've got my hungry with this list..and I just ate! Cheesecake Factory is YUM and I'm so sad they they don't have it in Canada (not to Ruby: franchise idea?). Thanks for the tag! I'll have my list up soon.

TwennyTwo said...


I'm alive and saw your tag but am renting (!) a computer and so won't be able to post for a while... thanks for the tag! InshaAllah soon. I'm still reading you... or trying to.

Make dua'a for some job interviews this week!!!