Thursday, October 12, 2006

Seven Things

Alright y'all, I'm doing this for my blogsister TwennyTwo and because I think it's really cool.

Seven things I hope to do before 30 (InshaAllah):
1. Get Married
2. Travel to England, France, Italy, and Greece
3. Learn to speak Arabic and French (I've studied both.)
4. Perfect a signature look
5. Start my own wedding planning business
6. Learn to ski (I can't and I really want to.)
7. Be debt free....for the most part

Seven things I can't do:
1. Lie (I'm so horrible at it, it's not even funny.)
2. Draw (all of my siblings can)
3. Math (How did I graduate?)
4. Get depressed (there have been times I should have been but it's like I just can't)
5. Give the silent treatment
6. Forget
7. Stay angry

Seven things I love:
1. My family
2. Romance novels
3. Chick flicks
4. Southern men
5. Weddings
6. British accents
7. Dessert

Seven things I want in a spouse (maybe if I put it out there, I'll get it ;) )
1. Religious but not in an extreme or sanctimonious way
2. Good looking (I know, I'm shallow)
3. Considerate
4. Family oriented
5. Smart
6. Strong
7. Romantic

Seven movies I'll never stop loving:
1. Breakfast at Tiffany's
2. An Affair to Remember
3. Pride and Prejudice
4. Barefoot in the Park
5. Pretty Woman
6. Father of the Bride
7.The Notebook

Seven authors I love:
1. Jane Austen
2. Brenda Joyce
3. Eloisa James
4. Lori Foster
5. Candace Camp
6. Sophie Kinsella
7. Marne Davis Kellogg

Seven stores I can't resist:
1. Coach
2. Tiffany's
3. Sephora
4. Bath and Body Works
5. Pottery Barn
6. Things Remembered
7. Brookstone


Anonymous said...

too cute! you should move up to T.O, we'd get along quite well!

and inshallah you will get married before 30 to a great guy who is all those things you listed and even more!

Muslimah4life said...

I love your lists - they so cool and can really make u think about urself!
Seven things I can't do - you are so lucky that you cant get depressed, give silent treatment an stay angry - im an expert in these things! lol and i hate it!
Seven things I want in a spouse- i agree!
Seven things I love - i agree but im kinda over romance novels lately- i lurve chick flicks even if im 24! and i cannot resist dessert..ever!
You are so interesting..keep blogging! :)

Anonymous said...

dayum @good