Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Muslimah and the Marine

Sounds like the title of a romance novel, right? Yeah, it's not gonna happen. As much as I love a man in uniform, I'm not cut out to be a military wife. Confused? Sorry. I'll start at the beginning.

One of my regular customers was raised a Muslim. She no longer practices but her family does, including her brother whom she thought I would be perfect for. She chats him up and I agree to basically a blind date. We met for coffee.....and it was AWESOME. He was great. I mean, really good looking, tall, charming, so well mannered, fun, and really good to talk to. There's just one problem: He's a MARINE, y'all! I would be a terrible military wife. I would absolutely not be able to handle it. I mean, I love a man in uniform but it would never work. Plus, I would HATE living on base. Shoot, if I had known he was in the service I never would have agreed to meet him.

Of course, we had a great time and he asked if he could call me and I was like, I'd like that but I don't think it would work. And he knew right off the bat. He was like, it's the military thing right? I said, I just don't think I can do it. He was all teasingly "never say never" "you don't know unless you give it a shot". I told him that usually that's my attitude but I just don't think it'll work. He said he wasn't going to beg (I most certainly wasn't expecting him to) and gave me his contact info if I changed my mind.

Hmm, what to do, what to do? If he wasn't in the military I wouldn't hesitate to contact him but he is. It's very sexy but I'm not cut out for it. He seems like great guy but I'm pretty positive it wouldn't work. So why am I debating this?


Ruby said...

If you throw his number in the garbage today and forget about him...will you regret it in a year?

Sarah said...

Think about it this way, if you weren't really interested in him would you have written a huge, detailed, supercute post about him? It was a significant meeting for you and it seems you both clicked very well. Make istikhaara before you totally write him off. He is a practicing Muslim brother and you both seemed to get off to a great start. Give it a shot.. but try istikhaara :)

Wish you all the best, inshAllah :)

L said...

"So why am I debating this?"

Hmmmm, I think you answered your own question in the post :)

"We met for coffee.....and it was AWESOME. He was great. I mean, really good looking, tall, charming, so well mannered, fun, and really good to talk to"

I second what Sarah said

singlemuslimah said...

Ruby: I don't know but I feel like I might. He's the first in a long time that I've actually been interested in so maybe I shouldn't call it quits yet.

Sarah: Aww, you thought my post was "supercute". Seriously, though, you may have a point.

IS: I think I did answer my own question. With help, of course.

TwennyTwo said...


You're debating it b/c you know you want/ought to think on it. Look. Is he a career military, or in and out? That matters, too.

And I have to say what I guess everyone else said ( I didn't read them yet): make istikhara. Like twice for good measure or something. And think about it.

But then, I'm biased. I loves me some Marines...


singlemuslimah said...

TT: He went to the academy so he's putting in his five years. I don't know if he's planning on reinlisting after that. Who would have thought that I would be avoiding an officer and a gentleman? Me...who lives and breathes for that movie and Top Gun.

I'll just be praying about this situation over the weekend.

Suroor said...

I agree with Sarah. See him as a person. Being a marine is not necessarily life-long.

AKA said...

I have nothing more too add, other than just to say I agree with everyone! Especially with Suroor. Who knows if it's a lifelong thing. You may want to get to know him a little more, even just to understand what he wants of his life, before deciding.

Remember Denise from the Cosby show? Who'd have thought she'd be a military wife! Ok, horrible example, but it's all I could come up with.