Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Yay Me!

Remember that promotion I told y'all about? I got it! I'm so super excited. This is my first real promotion. I start next week. Good-bye job hunting, hello real employment! In addition to my management responsibilities, I'll be handling marketing and events. If nothing else, this job will help build my event planning portfolio. I'm totally celebrating this weekend. See? Good things come to those who wait.


Sarah said...

Congratulations!! You'll get to use your brain and your college degree! Yay! Your new year is off to a great start!

Ruby said...

Congrats!!!! That's awesome chickie! Woohooo!

Atifa said...

Mabrooks! I think more chocolate cupcakes are in order. :)

Umm Maariyah said...

Assalam Aleikoum sister and congratulations and may Allah protect you.Ameen

AKA said...

Congratulations!!! Hope the new position brings you much well-deserved success!

TwennyTwo said...

MASHAAllah! Congrats!

Of course there wasn't any doubt over here, as dua'a was made just the minute you said you might get promoted, but it's still nice to have these things confirmed ;)

Go you!