Saturday, April 28, 2007

Just What I Needed

Today, the Marine gave me just what I needed. He sent flowers to my job. For the last week (two weeks really) I have been working almost non-stop trying to get the new store ready to open. I'm talking 10-16 hour days (and nights). Today was our grand opening. I worked from 8:30am to Midnight. Anyway, we've both been really busy (he's been on base) and haven't had time to see or get in touch with each other. Today, right before lunch, the florist came by with a beautiful bouquet of tulips. Imagine my surprise when I realized they were for me! I was so excited! The card basically just congratulated me and wished me a good grand opening. It was so, super sweet. I was tired and emotional (we all were) and it was exactly what I needed. It just brought my mood right up. I'm going to have to call and thank him tomorrow. I called today but he wasn't there. It was just so awesome. All the girls were jealous. Whatever, I'm always single. When everyone is cuddled up over the winter, getting Valentine's gifts, taking long walks over the spring, and going on summer vacations, I'm all alone. I deserve those flowers; after all, most of them are going home to someone that will rub their feet and back. I'm not. ::sigh::

And they were so beautiful. I mean, there were at least 30 tulips. They were yellow and white; they matched my outfit (tan suit, yellow top, yellow hijab). I'm a lucky girl. The only thing better would have been him there in person.


Anonymous said...


that's awesome! You left me with a grin so I can only imagine your face. Excellent! How sweet.


Suroor said...

Aww! That is a sweet post. so romantic *gushes*

bushraaa said...

Always a good sign :) My husband sent me flowers 3 times in the one month of our courtship (we got engaged after that), and alhamdulillah it felt great. Enjoy it!

Haleem said...

Flowers.. him remembering the date of your opening... etc etc ... all good signs.

I have found out that when I like someone, I find myself remembering the tiny things they said! *wink*

I am really happy for you .. but also be careful please! *obligatory big brother cautious note here*

Ruby said...

He sounds lovely! 5 points for him sending you flowers and 10 points for them being something other than roses! I hope you enjoyed the flowers!

Sarah said...


This guy jus keeps getting better and better. Me thinks he is a keeper, insh'Allah!!! And I agree with Ruby... nice touch with the tulips :)

singlemuslimah said...

TT: It was sweet. He's a sweetie (as far as I can tell).

Suroor: Gotta love the romance.

Bushraaa: Awww. Y'all got together quick. I'm surprised you didn't have a longer engagement.

Haleem: Don't worry big brother, I'll be careful.

Ruby: I actually love roses. They're my favorite flower. I'm a pretty standard girl; roses and diamonds. I have really bad allergies so I actually hate it when guys try to get all creative with the flowers. I'm allergic to most flowers except roses, tulips, lillies, and carnations (hate carnations). I also don't care for potted plants. They always die on me. Anyway, I'm just not the type of woman that wants a bunch of hand picked daisies or anything like that. With me, you lose points for creativity when it comes to flowers. I'd rather have generic roses than an allergic reaction to lilacs (been there, done that).

Sarah: Yes. InshaAllah he's a keeper.

qdee said...

wow, thats soo sweet. i love flowers. especially white roses. cool blog :)

Rosashe said...

Salam sister, I hope you dont mind, I have added alink to your blog on my page.

Sheila {rosashe}