Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Hey y'all! I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving. I won't be posting tomorrow or probably at all until like next week. My mom will be holding me (and the rest of us - minus my brother) hostage in the kitchen tomorrow. We've actually started some of the cooking tonight. The sweet potatoes are being baked for the pies, the bread is being toasted for the stuffing, and the cornbread (also for stuffing) will be going into the oven soon. Tomorrow, my niece (Big M) and I will get up and watch the Macy's parade like we do every year. Then we'll watch the dog show with my mom. It's one of our traditions. Another tradition is having Thanksgiving with family but that's not happening this year. We have to go to VA next week so we're not making the trip this week. InshaAllah, we'll host everyone here next year.

Friday, we're hitting the sales. Well, I'm only hitting a few because I have to work all day (stinking retail). At least I don't open or close.

Saturday, I am meeting with a prospect. We're meeting at my house so I've got to clean and bake something. Shouldn't be a problem but I can't decide what to make. He's American so I know he won't want any more pie after Thanksgiving. I could make cookies but they don't show off my fabulous baking skills. They really are fabulous but cookies just don't do them justice. That being said, I don't want to seem show-offy (such a non-word) by making something really fancy. I'm also trying to avoid making anything super sweet or heavy, which kind of rules out a frosted cake (one of my specialties). I'm thinking of making either mini fruit tarts, a coffee cake, or a bundt cake. I'm strongly leaning towards bundt as I write this but that could change. And yes, I know that I'm over thinking this but it's about more than a good impression. I hate to put people in the position of either declining my cooking or having to eat something they don't want or like. There's no avoiding it sometimes but I try.
Another problem I'm having (ladies this is for you) is what to wear. I'm going through this thing right now where I hate everything in my closet. It's because I haven't gone shopping in a while. I do need/want some new stuff but I have tons of really nice clothes. I know this. Still, that doesn't stop me from having a closet full of nothing to wear. Here's the what's going on:
All of my fall skirts are short (like mid-calf) because I wear them with boots. I can't do that in the house; we don't wear our shoes inside.
I only have two fall/winter dresses that aren't too dressy. I have tons of spring/summer dresses. One of them is a basic black dress and the other is really cute but short (mid-calf again). I'm not really crazy about wearing the back with the pearls and whatnot. It's giving me a dowdy vibe. I could wear it with super trendy jewelry but it doesn't seem to work without the cute boots to punch it up.
Next up, we have trousers. I've got really nice black widelegs (like three pairs) from a French catalog. I'm thinking of wearing them with either a cream turtleneck or my grey twinset. It's very ladylike, and I do look great in the trousers. But I just feel like maybe it's boring. **NOTE**One of my girlfriends keeps telling me that nothing in my closet is boring or dowdy so I should stop the madness. She says my style is "very Anne Hathway in the Princess Diaries 2."**
Anyway, I've lost a little weight so both pairs of tan trousers are too big (they're both from Gap). I think my red trousers are too flashy (my mom would die if I wore those). My navy trousers could work but the hem came out of one leg so they're out. I mean, I'm sure my mom can fix them on Friday but I'm still, eh, about them. I've had my eye on these gorgeous cream trousers that I think would be so cute with either my red turtleneck or this plum twinset that I so want. I'm also looking at these grey widelegs with silver pinstripes. I want to wear them with a hot pink turtleneck. That'd be so, so cute. And yes, I have a huge thing for turtlenecks. I also love twinsets and pearls (perhaps, I'm a little prissy). Moving on.... for the last two outfits, I would have to buy something new and that seems so superficial. I mean, what I'm going to buy a new outfit every time? I couldn't possibly. But I really want to this time. It's a combination of wanting to look good and really wanting new clothes. It's really difficult because don't want to wear anything too trendy. I always like to start out with the updated classics. It's my best look. Anyway, we'll see but I think the grey and pink ensemble is calling me.

About the guy:
He's the son of a friend of one of my mom's friends. Said friend is kind of sponsoring us into society down here (where to go, who to know, etc.) so I kind of have to meet him. He sounds like a nice guy and this is the first guy I'm meeting down here. I'm kinda nervous, which is making me really chatty. Hopefully, I won't talk to much in front of him. I did that once; it was the first time I did anything like this. I was super nervous and I talked too much and scared him off. I haven't done it since but "since" has only been two other times. So here's goes nothing.........


ruby said...

Good luck honey! I hope he's a good guy and whatever you wear you're going to look fantastic I'm sure! I love grey and pink but I vote for wearing something you own already! And baking...I say bundt cake with a drizzled icing/glaze? I'm rooting for you!

bushraaa said...

InshaAllah khair, sis- my advice is to stick with something you already have (a lot of us girls do the short dress w/pants combo, something you can try out?). Put on a nice hijab, a little bit of makeup and voila, you'll be good to go! For the cooking, sounds like you're a baker so I say you can't go wrong mashaAllah :) We'll be making dua' for you!

Haleem said...

well first, to take some advice from a guy who doesn't know anything, black always looks good on a woman. Always.

PS no mention of 'slimming' or anything like that.

Second, don't try a new dress on this occasion. You don't know how it will behave.

Third, lots of luck. May Allah make something good come out of this.

Atifa said...

I think if you're set on buying something new, go for it, but make sure to wear it at least once before you meet him. That way you'll be comforatable in it. Also if you buy something you like, it can be like your 'interview' outfit. ;)

bushraaa said...

How did the meeting go??? Inshaallah khair, we need an update ;)

Anonymous said...

Well?? How did it go?? Can't take the suspense!