Friday, November 17, 2006

Princess Perky

That's what one of my co-workers called me yesterday. Awesome. I kinda bounced into work and she was like, "well if it isn't Princess Perky." I just started laughing. Some people can't take perk in the morning, or any other time of the day. Too bad, so sad. Then said she wanted to hate me but she couldn't. "You're so damn friendly." I'm loving it. Like what else am I going to be? I don't know anyone well enough to dislike them. I'm friendly until I'm given a reason not to be. This is my first week there and so far, so good. It's a women's clothing store (second job to hold me over between temp assignments) and the customers really seem to like me. So does the manager. She thinks I'm sunny. She asked if I've ever considered being a manager. Oooh. I'm going to talk to her about it because I'd rather do that than temp while I get started in event planning. I'm so over temping.

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bushraaa said...

MashaAllah, I think perkiness is great! I can be that way, but I'm also terribly moody so it just depends on the time and day :)