Saturday, February 03, 2007

Moving On Up

I might be getting a promotion. Okay, do y'all remember when I told you that my (acting) manager thought I would make a good manager? Well, she was only acting manager at my store because our manager was on medical leave. Long story short, the actual manager came back (can't stand her) and the other girl went back. Now she's getting her own store and she's being promoted to Director of Events for the entire district. She wants me to come to her store, work as a manager and as Assistant Director of Events. I would love the job but she has to speak with our District Manager first. If everything works out, I will be moving on up. I don't want to get my hopes up too much but I'm pretty excited about it. InshaAllah, everything will work out but please, please make dua for me. I really want this job. The store opens in April and, if I get the job, I'll start in March.


Haleem said...

Good luck. May Allah accept your prayers.

Ruby said...

That's fantastic news honey! Good luck, I hope its everything you want it to be inshallah!

Sarah said...

Wow! That's exciting! See, good news can pop up in the most unexpected places!

Atifa said...

Wow that's fantastic, inshallah you'll get the promotion. BTW what store do you work for?

mezba said...


And InshAllah :-)

I have been an occasional blurker on your blog for sometime.

Take care.

AKA said...

I'll make lots of dua for you! :D

InshAllah if this is the best move for you (especially if you can get away from your current manager) then I do hope it works out for the best - good luck!