Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Alright, this morning I was on Craigslist and I found the following advertisement in the employment section.

Looking for a Girl Who Will Let Me Rub Her Feet!! Willing to Pay!!

Will pay $10 per hour to any woman who will let me rub on her feet. Prefer Raleigh but will travel based on the circumstance. Flexible hours. If interested, please contact me as soon as possible.

Now that's a serious foot fetish. OMG, people are so freaky! I wonder what kind of woman is going to respond to this ad.


Atifa said...

I'm sure he wasn't to do more that just rubb her feet. :p

Suroor said...

What did he want to rub the feet with? is my question!

Haleem said...


Someone who probably hums the background score of "Happy Feet" in the shower.

bushraaa said...

Craigslist has some *weird* stuff posted on it. I did love it when I was moving from DC to Phoenix, because I sold a good chunk of my furniture via the site. But yeah, there's definitely a bunch of twisted postings!

singlemuslimah said...

Atifa: I'm sure.
Suroor: Ewww. I'm sure I don't even want to know.
Haleem: haha. Nasty.
Bushraaa: Craigslist is great for selling things and job hunting but there is some strange stuff on there.